About Us


Our Vision

Allow everyone to use our services, let people change their views and understanding of the traditional security industry.

Our Mission

Developed into a well-known security service company in North America.

Our Goals

Provide customers with unparalleled security services.

Hey! just relax we are here to protect you!


Executive team

  • VEN


    VEN As an important member of HARROW INTERNATIONAL SECUTIY, GVAN has participate the BLOCK WATCH program for Vancouver communities many years. With the experience in conflict resolution and good command and self-learning skills, he is able to make accurate judgments on various emergency situations. GVAN recently obtained the BST license, and passed the intensive physical training, self-defense courses, and first-aid certification .he is trusted by previous employers in past years, and he will also make outstanding contributions to any client in the future.

  • BigG


    BigG has been working for a property company in a long period of time, he has worked as a security team leader in different commercial office buildings, hotels and property offices. He has deep knowledge to manage all different types of security alarm systems, environmental assessment, security training elements, and he’s often participate seminars held by security industry associations. BigG has been good at security related tasks, with professional ethics and sense of responsibility, he will used his work experience and contribute to client company's prosperity.

  • Jay


    Jay is from Vancouver and specializes in the physical security of his clients and their businesses. He holds a Bachelor's degree in criminology and has served in the Canadian Armed Forces. Jay has training in convoy and urban operations, close-quarters battle, active shooter drills, and detention procedures. Depending on the client's needs, Jay is able to operate with them directly or lead a team custom-suited to protect the client and their interests.